Some SEO consultants – experts in their field

These SEO consultants are experts.

Searching for help to get to the dark side? Peaking around to get a leg up on your competitors? If you’re looking for anything in that realm, then internet marketing could be your way to greatness. The reason why, is that it allows you to attract people onto your website. Or onto any property you choose. Now there’s work involved, because it’s a game of chess, not checkers. And there’s know-how involved. So.. are you going to go at it by yourself, or are you going to go at it with the gang?

If you’re going to go at it with a specialist, a hitman, a merc or a straight up G, then here’s some people you could consider.

Consider these people.

brynvannuissenburg: seo specialist in The Hague, with the reach of the country. He runs his business (SEO Bryn) since 2016 and is on track to create a truckload of cash.

neilpatel: an entrepreneur who also has a lot of other websites / companies. He’s partly involved with quicksprout, along with his co-founder Niti. Neil grew up poor, but has seemingly built up a couple of highly profitable companies, because of online marketing.

backlinko: master student who runs a succesful blog on marketing. Before running a blog on backlinko, he ran a nutritional blog. Packed with info that nobody cared about, in his own words. That’s what lead him to his second company, backlinko. A couple of his most viewed articles are:

That’s all for today, folks!