Google Online Ranking Explained

Many people believe that it is almost impossible to rank their website on Google if they have tried before. They may have watched a video on how to do SEO, but despite their best efforts, they were not able to get into a top position. Incidents like this make people believe that search engine optimisation does not work, but it certainly does, especially on Google. Here are a few tips on how to rank on Google for some of your most profitable keywords that can help increase the amount of revenue that you make with your business.

Where To Begin

The first place that everyone begins is by looking at their website. They need to assess the website itself to see if it is properly optimised. You need to interlink all of the posts that you have, and you need to also have quality content, preferably completely unique that is engaging. Videos, images, and outbound links to authority sites need to be on every page that you post. In regard to off-site optimisation, the quality of the links is the most important thing to consider, not so much how many you have coming in.

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How To Rank In The Next Few Weeks

Once you have completed these simple strategies for improving your website, and also added a few links pointing back to pages that you have posted, you will then want to use some advanced strategies. You will begin by creating a YouTube account. You will then post videos that you create which are targeting the exact same keywords that you are using on your website, and then you will subsequently embed those videos on each of those pages. This one strategy alone will not only get your pages ranking higher, but the videos will also rank, sometimes within a few days. It really is that easy to start ranking your website higher than ever before.

It really is that easy to start seeing some noticeable changes in your ranking on the search engines. It may take you a few days to do all of the improvements and to create the videos, but it’s going to be time well spent. You will soon have multiple pages ranking, and videos on page 1 positions by the end of the week using these strategies on how to rank on Google.