Quality SEO Can Be Expensive, Yet It’s Definitely Worth It!

Quality SEO

Not all knew that SEO is actually expensive. A quick search on Google for SEO companies will turn up the results that range from the agencies that have monthly engagement fee of thousands of dollars to operations that are fly-by-night, providing SEO for the low price of hundred dollars monthly. 

If you are wondering about the pricing’s huge discrepancy, it comes down to the effectiveness and quality of what’s being offered. SEO is content driven nowadays that pure logic explains the reason why the SEO services are priced at a couple hundred dollars each month can’t be good for your website.

Link Audits Are Not Cheap

For instance, compare a website that’s poorly performing to a car that is not running properly. How can you repair it? Well first, you have to determine the cause. A link audit revolves around inspecting all inbound links coming to the website and determining the toxic ones. There are some automated software solutions in the market, yet they are not accurate always. Thorough audit has to be done manually and by somebody who understands what she or he is looking for. It’s a labor-intensive and tedious process. That is the reason why agencies charge thousands of dollars.

Penalties Could Make Your Website Traffic Disappear Easily

In the previous years, many websites were penalized by Google. One of these is Overstock, which offered discounts to the schools that placed some anchor-specific links on their sites. Because of the penalties, it experienced a drop in website traffic instantly. This was also the same situation of websites that use low quality SEO services. The reason behind it is that they think they’re doing a good thing for their websites, yet saving money from cheap services made them pay for big consequences, which can’t be paid by money. So, if you don’t want penalties, quality SEO can make a difference.

Complete Cleanup of Links is More Expensive

If link audit turns up lots of toxic links, they should be removed. Google enables webmasters to disavow backlinks, which are harmful and definitely out of their control. It is not that simple. Also, to stand a chance in regaining rankings, an effort to request the link removal is necessary.

SEO is never cheap and once there’s a company that would promise you cheap rates, expect that you won’t be able to get the results you want for your website. As a matter of fact, you might end up wasting your time and money on low quality SEO. So, if you don’t want this to happen, you should invest with Green Genie SEO. Its services may not be as cheap as others, yet it’s an SEO company that only provides topnotch quality SEO that will surely worth your investment.

Never try to do SEO on your own and let pros like Green Genie SEO do the work for you. Just keep in mind that even if it’s expensive, it’s totally worth it. If you want to level up your business, make a move and trust Green Genie SEO for your SEO needs!


Some SEO consultants – experts in their field

These SEO consultants are experts.

Searching for help to get to the dark side? Peaking around to get a leg up on your competitors? If you’re looking for anything in that realm, then internet marketing could be your way to greatness. The reason why, is that it allows you to attract people onto your website. Or onto any property you choose. Now there’s work involved, because it’s a game of chess, not checkers. And there’s know-how involved. So.. are you going to go at it by yourself, or are you going to go at it with the gang?

If you’re going to go at it with a specialist, a hitman, a merc or a straight up G, then here’s some people you could consider.

Consider these people.

brynvannuissenburg: seo specialist in The Hague, with the reach of the country. He runs his business (SEO Bryn) since 2016 and is on track to create a truckload of cash.

neilpatel: an entrepreneur who also has a lot of other websites / companies. He’s partly involved with quicksprout, along with his co-founder Niti. Neil grew up poor, but has seemingly built up a couple of highly profitable companies, because of online marketing.

backlinko: master student who runs a succesful blog on marketing. Before running a blog on backlinko, he ran a nutritional blog. Packed with info that nobody cared about, in his own words. That’s what lead him to his second company, backlinko. A couple of his most viewed articles are:

That’s all for today, folks!



Best Articles for SEO

A Guide To Finding The Best Writing Service

If you are a website owner, it is crucial that you understand the importance of good content. This is something that can make or break your business. In reality, everyone cannot write well, which is why it is a good idea to hire someone to create content on your behalf. Here are some tips that will help you find the best service available.

One thing you should do is look for feedback from people who have had experience with any writing services you have in mind. With the way people are these days, there is no shortage of reviews online from those who have had good and bad experiences with different companies. The best way to go about this would be to look for information about the best seo articles of 2018 from several people regarding the same company. Weigh each point and decide which services are viable options and which should be stricken from your list of possibilities.

The next thing you need to consider is the price that you are being asked to pay for content. One mistake that many people make is placing too much emphasis on saving money. When it comes to quality content, it is typically true that you get what you pay for. You cannot expect to pay pennies for a writing service and expect to receive content that is worthy of winning awards. Your goal should be to expect to pay a moderate amount for something that is better than what can be written by a remedial high school student.

There are writing services all over the Internet, which means that it is very easy to run into the wrong one. If your goal is to find some of the best that the Web has to offer, make sure that you consider all of the information here.

Google Online Ranking Explained

Many people believe that it is almost impossible to rank their website on Google if they have tried before. They may have watched a video on how to do SEO, but despite their best efforts, they were not able to get into a top position. Incidents like this make people believe that search engine optimisation does not work, but it certainly does, especially on Google. Here are a few tips on how to rank on Google for some of your most profitable keywords that can help increase the amount of revenue that you make with your business.

Where To Begin

The first place that everyone begins is by looking at their website. They need to assess the website itself to see if it is properly optimised. You need to interlink all of the posts that you have, and you need to also have quality content, preferably completely unique that is engaging. Videos, images, and outbound links to authority sites need to be on every page that you post. In regard to off-site optimisation, the quality of the links is the most important thing to consider, not so much how many you have coming in.

For help with putting together your site, one resource that we’re happy to recommend is fiverr.com and you find out more about fiverr service at the following social media channels – what is fiverr on Lacartes local, the Pinterest what is fiverr page, and the what is fiverr profile on Sony community.

How To Rank In The Next Few Weeks

Once you have completed these simple strategies for improving your website, and also added a few links pointing back to pages that you have posted, you will then want to use some advanced strategies. You will begin by creating a YouTube account. You will then post videos that you create which are targeting the exact same keywords that you are using on your website, and then you will subsequently embed those videos on each of those pages. This one strategy alone will not only get your pages ranking higher, but the videos will also rank, sometimes within a few days. It really is that easy to start ranking your website higher than ever before.

It really is that easy to start seeing some noticeable changes in your ranking on the search engines. It may take you a few days to do all of the improvements and to create the videos, but it’s going to be time well spent. You will soon have multiple pages ranking, and videos on page 1 positions by the end of the week using these strategies on how to rank on Google.

Understanding SEO – Best SEO Practice for Business Websites

The Art of SEO for Business

If you own a website that you’d like to get into the ranks, then you have to understand the best SEO practices. In other words, what’s the most effective and clean way of reaching the top?

Don’t make any mistakes here, because it’s not something you achieve overnight. Whether you attempt to do it yourself or if you approach a professional, it’s going to take time for the tactics to take effect.

To help you understand what needs to be done, here is a broad overview of good SEO strategies.

Pay Attention To Content

Even though streaming video is incredibly popular on the net, it doesn’t make the content any less important. Instead of seeing video links as a replacement for content, consider a “boost” to existing content.

Basically, you want to combine media and content, because it will broaden the reach you get. Also, it’s crucial to post original and quality content. Search engine algorithms are honing in on sites that don’t provide any constructive. If you simply copy content from other sites don’t think it will help you get a higher ranking.  This is known as duplicate content.

Is The Site Optimised

The design of the site doesn’t play such a big role when it comes to rankings, but it has an indirect influence. For instance, if the design is messy and users don’t like using it, it will increase your bounce rate.

If you don’t know by now, your bounce rate speaks directly to how long people spend time on your site. If the bounce rate is high search engines are going to pick up on it. It works the same way when users stick around for longer.

Make the site clean, easy to navigate, quick loading and responsive. Another thing search engines pick up on is whether the site is responsive to mobile devices. If it’s not then it limits the spot you ultimately get on a SERP.

Link Building

According to several internet marketing professionals, link building is probably one of the strongest ways to make your site more visible. This makes sense because you are literally tapping into another site’s traffic.   The SEO company that we recommend for effective link building in Ireland is NiSEO DublinTumblr Page for Dublin SEO.

However, you have to be careful how you build these links. There’s a healthy way of getting exposure, and there’s a bad way. Just slapping links on every site you can find is not going to help you.

What About Social Media?

Social media might not be your cup of tea, but it does bring a lot of exposure possibilities. The moment a post goes viral then traffic starts streaming in. However, traffic from social media isn’t nearly as strong as organic traffic. You’ve got a better chance for conversions when traffic comes through a search engine, but social media does strengthen the possibilities.

In Conclusion

Although people like to point out how easy SEO is, all the time that goes into might change your mind. On top of staying updated with algorithm changes, content and link building, it’s not as easy as it sounds. In some cases, it’s just better to get a professional.