7 SEO Tools You Should Use to Analyse Your Website Today

The right SEO tools can help you understand the numbers, metrics as well as popularity that your website is bringing to your business. While investing money in getting your website SEO ready, you should be looking for exact requirements instead of vague promises and timelines. Useful SEO tools will help you analyze your website’s performance and give you a detailed analysis of where you need to invest to get the necessary returns.Most of SEO agency trust on SEO analyzing tools to check daily basis improvement of website.Hp Sangha SEO company in Amritsar also analyze their client website with SEO tools which is describe below.

Here are the top 7 tools that you should use to analyze your website today.

SEO Report Card

The SEO Report Card is an online free tool that gives you valuable insights into the SEO strategies that you use for the content. The reporting and analytics features give you a rank of where your website stands on all popular search engines including Yahoo, Google as well as Bing.


Plagiarized content is a taboo on the internet and can quickly result in the demise of a website. The Copyscape tool helps you analyze your website’s content for plagiarism. According to industry’s requirements, the level of plagiarism for a piece of content should be kept minimum if not zero while uploading it for the first time.

Moz Local Listing

The Moz Local listing tool will showcase your website’s ranking all on popular search engines and social media profiles on a singular platform. It will also advise you on ways to increase the rankings to a favorable number.

The Google Webmaster Tools

Google is the master of analytics and the most popular search engine on the planet. It processes tonnes of data every single day that allows it to monitor activities all over the internet. The Google Webmaster tools feature an intuitive interface that is playful as well as crystal clear for a beginner.


The popular Google Tools include:

•    Fetch as Google Tool
It allows you to see a website from the eyes of Google itself. This tool will bring you relevant information on how accessible the code of the website is. The tool is important for back-end developers to optimize the HTML code for the website.
•    Google Page Speed Insights
The Page Speed Insights tool allows you to test how your website interacts with mobile as well as a desktop browser. This is another one of the tools that will help a developer look for places where the back-end code of the website can be optimized.
•    Google Analytics
The Google Analytics tool tracks the traffic sources for your website to help you decide on the correct channel for marketing.
•    Google Keyword Planner
The keyword planner tool will help you assess the usefulness of a particular keyword with the number of local search results to help you create SEO focused content.

The vantage point from these tools is available to every web developer who wishes to bring up the rankings of his/her website in an organic manner. As a professional, you can access the deep and hidden features of these tools to understand the numbers in a better way.